I Like Women, I Like Women

I also like Reggie Watts, who inspired the title of the post. Yes, he’s a man! Yes, I like him. It is from Fuck Shit Stack, which I am sure will offend lots of people reading this. Sorry. The Women I like to date don’t find it offensive. I understand why you might.

So, this is a post about Lesbians. When I say “Lesbian,” I mean Women who desire sexual, emotional, spiritual connections with Women. When I say “Women,” I mean adult human females. When I say “Female,” I mean of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) that can be fertilized by male gametes.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. How does any Lesbian date in 2014 with all these explanations about who it is we want to date?

Luckily, Lesbians actually know who Women are. We know who we love. We know where our heart is.

I like Women. I love Women. Women are amazing. Women survive all sorts of horror and are still human.

I love this about Women. I love our resilience. I love that we are still tender-hearted even after all the rapes, beatings, abuse, harassment.

You know what I hate? I hate it when Men (and Women) reduce Women to our parts.

Like how Pretendbian Sarah Brown does here …


I’ve never in my life considered a Woman as separate from her body. Or, another way to say that, I’ve never been like “Wow, I would totally date her, except her vagina is so off putting.”

I dunno. Maybe you have. Maybe I am dating wrong. Because when I date a Woman, I date the whole of her. Her heart, her story, her life, her pain, her soul, her mind, her self. I want to know all of her, and I want her to know all of me. This is a process, a back and forth, an engagement with another Woman, and it’s amazing to know another Woman like this. The manner in which Men cheapen this experience – debase it, despise it – disgusts me.

Women aren’t parts. Women aren’t objects. Women are Human.

In my view, a key task of Feminism is to remind Women that we are Human. We aren’t vaginas. We aren’t objects. We aren’t parts. We aren’t the pornified objects on which Men like Sarah Brown bases his “Lesbian Identity.” We are whole, complex, nuanced, lovely, resilient beings.

I love Women. I hate how Men speak about Women as Sarah Brown does. I hate transgenderism because it reduces the idea of “Woman” to nothing more than a feeling, an identification with stereotypes, a surgical “hole” that is supposed to mimic “female.”

Women, we are so much more than what Men tell us we are.

Angry Men on the Internet tell me quite often how ugly I am, how unfuckable, how unwanted, how unloveable. This is supposed to be an insult, because, in Men’s view, Women’s burning desire is to service them, to be used by them, to be objectified by them.

Oh, what they don’t know could fill millions of books.

Women have a whole other existence Men will never know. No matter how much they yell, scream, demand, mantrum, bully, harass, abuse.

These Men cannot visit our planet because they cannot breathe our air. They cannot speak our language because they cannot hear it.

Lesbians, we see each other. We hear each other. We love each other.

The other stuff? The Men demanding access, the Men talking about Women as vaginas – it’s just static. Background noise.

It’s not why I am here.

I see you.


3 thoughts on “I Like Women, I Like Women

  1. Now sings my soul…

    Your words are a healing balm and they offer their strength to me after being bombarded left and right by trannies all day.
    Insisting, DEMANDING, I capitulate to their notion of “identifying” as a woman is the same as being one…and insulting me etc. when I refuse to comply.

    Even though I am not a lesbian, I am a Woman.
    And what we share is universal and affirming.
    Your words remind me, prompt me and inspire me.
    Sharing your beliefs and knowledge have taught me to recognize what is already within myself.

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