Touching the Third Rail

This post by Witchwind posits some frank and painful truths about PIV. For this post, Witchwind (and radical feminists) have been called crazy, manhaters, etc., the regular slurs Women receive from Men and co-opted Women when we say what we think. These people are easily dismissed, including this guy, who thinks he can discern the race of a writer by the way she writes (PS and also, sir, no one gives a shit what you think).

Women have every right to write about PIV and analyze it. All Women. If that makes you uncomfortable, that is a personal problem. Engage with the analysis. Write about it. Write why Witchwind is wrong. If you are a Man, no one cares about your opinion on PIV. We know your opinion already. You’re all for it (HI RAPE CULTURE! HI COMPULSORY HETEROSEXUALITY!)

Further reading on PIV at Femonade and AnnTagonist.

This is a video for Women and doesn’t provide an analysis of PIV, per se, so feel free to skip it if you are looking for an analysis.

PIV is always rape, ok_ _ radical wind.


11 thoughts on “Touching the Third Rail

  1. dear sister, thank you for this. compassion and empathy are powerful tools to use in the fight for our liberation. my sexuality has been permanently damaged by patriarchal abuse, and i am now wired to crave PIV. so the gentle response for me right now is to be celibate until a person comes into my life that treats me as human, and wants to form a romantic/sexual bond with another fully-functioning human. hopefully that person is a woman, and we have happy healthy woman fun. if that person is a man (which i have been programmed to ‘prefer’), then sigh. i will have to be on constant guard from both his, and my own, brutal socialization. i hate hate hate what has been done to me. and proud that i am a survivor. it is the truth that will be a means of liberation. the truth.

    the struggle lives inside each of us. thanks so much for your bravery.

  2. I first saw you in the video where you were accosted by that group of people at the march… the more I watch these short videos of you speaking, the more I like you. You are a strong and amazing person. Your voice resonates with me. Thank you for all you do.

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