It is very important for transgender women activists to destroy the concept of “shared girlhood.” If they do not destroy it, if they do not erase the class of humans called “women,” Women will begin to realize that transgender women are, in fact, Men.

Transgender women did not experience #sharedgirlhood because they were, in fact, little boys. And they are, in fact, Men.

Being groomed into the subordinate “gender role” afforded to those born female is not a privilege. What Queer Feminism does to Women is Lie to Us.

Stop lying.

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  1. I don’t Twitter either. I am, however, on Tumblr and have shared some linkage about this because I agree that we share experiences as girls and as women (namely: eating shit from men each and every day), and I am not–nor will I EVER be-“cizzzzzz”. lol

    Hope you enjoyed the dog park, and the music in your car made this all the better.

  2. Reblogged this on graceaware and commented:
    if ‘they’ said “It’s a Girl!” when you were born, you had a girlhood. I.E. on first breathe placed into the oppressed class of girls/women. Even if you decide later you want to live your life as a man, you still had a girlhood.

    Men who decide to live their lives as women, did not have a girlhood because they were little boys.

    It’s all pretty simple. But saying these simple things is being called ‘hate speech’ by some factions these days.

    Girlhood is Significant. Specifically because as soon as it is declared you are a girl, you are automatically a second class citizen across the entire world.

    Being female is not a privilege. It is an oppressed position, because Misogyny still rules society.

    Eliminate misogyny, and everything gets fixed: wars, economy, inequal distribution of resources, racism, environmental destruction, male violence and abuse… everything

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